May 24, 2022 4 min read

To Silicone, or not to silicone….

I am sure you have seen these pumps all over, and for good reason too. They have many benefits and are a very cost effective option to help you remove milk and maintain your milk supply! 


What is a Silicone manual breast pump?

A silicone breast pump is classified alongside manual & non-electric breast pumps.  They are designed with a full moulded silicone one-piece body.  The design of these modern-day silicone breast pumps is quite similar to that of one of the first breast pumps invented and used! Here is an example from Wikipedia



The silicone pump is designed to apply suction & stimulate your breast to help remove milk with its suction power. It does not “suckle and pull” like regular breast pumps, rather it just suctions and stays attached to your boob. This pump is not a collection cup. Collection cups only collect your excess let-down (which would have been absorbed by a nursing pad), these pumps do have a suction caused by the squeezing of the silicone to help draw the milk out.


Can this pump cause an oversupply?

No – there is no ‘suckling motion” so it doesn’t stimulate your body to produce more through suckling stimulation. However, when you remove milk from your breasts repetitively over and above your babies feeds, your body will begin to replenish this removed milk. If you use a silicone pump everyday to remove excess milk, your body will eventually replace that removed milk the following day.


  1. Fold back the flange at the top all the way to the base of the neck. Hold in place with one hand
  2. Squeeze the rounded base to remove the air from the collection chamber with your other hand
  3. With flange back, apply to centred nipple.
  4. Apply with some force to lay flush on the skin.
  5. Flip the flange back toward your skin, while keeping air out of the collection chamber.
  6. Sit back and allow the suction process to do its magic

Before a feed:

To help soften a very full or engorged breast before latching a baby onto the breast.
To remove milk from the breast of a mother who has a forceful let-down reflex to help baby manage milk to flow better.

During a feed:

Use on the opposite breast while breastfeeding

After a feed:

Use this after your baby has finished their feed and is full. This will help ensure you have emptied your breasts. This additional milk can be stored for future feeds. Not sure on how to correctly store your milk click “here



We chatted to the breastfeeding experts at MammaMoo Breastfeeding in Pretoria and they gave us some very helpful information about their Silicone breast pump

“We recommend that Moms use our silicone pumps in the first 6 weeks of their breastfeeding journey for the following reasons: 
  • The silicone pumps can be used to harvest colostrum prior to birth (after consultation with your gynaecologist/ midwife/ physician)
  • Moms can use the pump from day 1 to relieve engorgement without risk of overstimulation (the pump uses a vacuum to extract milk and does not mimic your baby’s latch or suckling at the breast)
  • You can also use the pump on the one side while breastfeeding baby on the other which allows you to collect and store breastmilk
  • You can build your freezer stash from day 1, especially for Moms who don’t have the luxury of 3 or 4 months paid / unpaid maternity leave

Other reasons why Moms love our silicone pumps:

  • The silicone breast pumps are 100% noise free!
  • They are easy and quick to clean!
  • They are made of only one piece! (no tiny pieces to lose or forget!)
  • They are small enough to easily store in your bag for emergencies
  • They don’t use electricity (so they are great in a power outage)
  • They are hands-free and don’t require a special hands-free bra
  • They are AFFORDABLE!
  • There’s no setup! Just grab it, attach and you’re set!

What is the difference between the MamaMoo Feria and Mamamoo Maxima silicone pump?

Both of the pumps have the EXACT same functions.
Both pumps have a wide neck to prevent nipple restriction that can prevent milk flow and lead to painful pumping.

Please note: Mrs Milk does not sell pumps, by clicking on the below links you will be taken directly to MamaMoo's website

The Feria has a suction base that can attach to a surface to prevent it from toppling over and spilling milk you have collected. Some mothers have reported a stronger vacuum when using the Feria pump.




The Maxima has a wide flat base to ensure stability.

MamaMoo also provides a user guide for our silicone pumps and we pride ourselves in providing assistance and support to Moms after their purchase, to ensure that they get the most out of their products.

We work with an in-house certified Lactation Consultant to assist moms that might experience difficulties during breastfeeding and pumping.
We love supporting small business so please be sure to follow them on their social pages, they are also stockists for Mrs Milk Bars and you can collect them from their store directly:
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