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Our key active ingredients are brewer’s yeast, fenugreek/moringa.

The brewer’s yeast delivers a boost of essential B vitamins and trace minerals, which specifically aid in combatting postpartum depression, by boosting immunity, and beautifying hair, nails and skin. Fenugreek is a herb that has been used throughout history to help moms increase their breastmilk supply. Ground flaxmeal used in the bars provides essential omega 3 fatty acids for both mom & baby. Coconut Oil also has beneficial qualities not only for the skin, but for the whole body. It supports a healthy inflammatory balance by providing antioxidant properties, including natural vitamin E, which benefits the body supply.

Mrs Milk bars deliver the extra breastfeeding calories we need to ensure our bodies have the required nutrients to nourish our babies, with the best food source available. Mrs Milk bars are a prime solution for breastfeeding moms busy lifestyles. Whether you are at home with your kids or pumping at work like I do, Mrs Milks bars will give you the boost you need to stay energised.

We only recommend that you start munching on our bars once baby has been delivered. Naturally it may take a few days for your milk to actually come in (could be up to 5 days).

If it is baby number 1 and you are not sure, why not have some in your hospital bag as a delicious snack if you need them.

If it is baby number 2 and you had issues first time around, start enjoying as soon as baby has been delivered. 

We also have a blog for you to read on how to prepare for breastfeeding while pregnant, you can read it here

The team at Mrs Milk strongly believes that there is NO replacement for best breastfeeding practices. These must include feeding on demand,  correctly latching and pumping your breasts until they are empty. Skin-to-skin is also a great way to enhance your milk supply, by building a special bond with your baby. Your diet and lifestyle play a vital roll in the production of your milk supply too. Ensure that you follow a well balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Should you require professional counselling, please contact a lactation consultant, La Leche League leader, or meet with a local breastfeeding support group to help you and your baby achieve equilibrium.

Mrs Milk suggests commencing with two bars a day to boost supply and thereafter maintain by enjoying one bar daily for best results. You may feel satisfied by the first evening, or it may even take a few days before you notice a boost in milk supply. Some mothers may take up to a week to notice a marked difference, whilst others may not experience an increase at all! Each body is different and responds differently to various foods. However, Mrs Milk granola bars have already successfully helped many mothers to substantially increase their milk supply.

This is always a tricky questions as each person's personal preferences are so different. The classic bars do contain the Fenugreek herb, so if you have any issues with your thyroid you should avoid this bar and rather consider the Moringa & Green Apple. We do have a variety pack in our lager pack size, this way you get the best of both worlds!  

Mrs Milk bars are made with the freshest all-natural ingredients and are free of all preservatives, they are optimally enjoyed at room temperature (~25 degrees C) but should be stored in cool dark cupboard.

The whole family can enjoy the nutritious and delicious treat! Mrs. Milk contains no estrogen, just wholesome, healthy ingredients. With sustained energy from oats, omega 3s from flax and healthy saturated fats from coconut oil, Mrs. Milk bars are the perfect addition to any lunch box or briefcase! My stash is always mysteriously "disappearing"

There is no definitive answer to this question. Every mamma experiences her own dietary requirements. We’d love to hear your personal experience with breastfeeding and how incorporating Mrs Milks bars into your diet has helped you. Write us at or leave a comment on our facebook page:

Don’t forget to continue putting baby to breast as often as possible, pump when necessary, stay hydrated and, most importantly, stay well-rested (yeah, right). Well done mom!

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