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About us

Lactation support

I am Natalie, the ‘mamma’ behind the creation of Mrs Milk. When I became mother to my sweet little boy, John Micah, I had a very specific birth and nurturing plan – having had prepared myself for a relatively smooth ride through the birthing, breastfeeding and motherhood process. I mean - we are women right? This should all have been a  completely natural, simple process. Right? Yea, right! 

The carefully conceived (Yeah, pun intended) birth plan went out of kilter due to my son’s size. The realisation that I would surely experience some challenges breastfeeding him adequately, soon dawned upon me. John arrived promptly on a Thursday morning after much ado - and soon after latched beautifully. Ah, I thought, there was some hope!  Then came the unexpected news. John rather unfortunately had to spend a week in NICU and nursing staff encouraged me to express breastmilk rather than to breastfeed – as a result of frequent separation. Eventually, the little guy was deemed well enough to come back home with us. John was not keen to latch and I was quite heartbroken.

This is where my nourishment journey began – a mission to provide the best natural nourishment I could – mother’s milk. Loads of research ensued - and thus commenced a process whereby I tried every trick in the book. Eventually, the process resulted in my discovery of a lactation bar recipe that looked really promising. Testing  and trying different ingredients resulted in my kitchen resembling a food corporation lab - until EUREKA! - I had engineered the perfect recipe to help me increase my milk supply.

Due to dogged determination, I was able to ease John into the habit of latching again. As a full time working mamma, I eventually had to go back to work and leave my son in the care of a surrogate mother/carer. I now express regularly for his day time meals and then nurse him at night when he demands a feed. I used Mrs Milk Lactation bars to boost my supply during a growth spurt and then built up a freezer stash for times I had to leave to get back to work.