About us

It all started with Natalie, aka the original Mrs Milk. When she became a mother, she had a plan for everything, including one for giving birth and how she would nurture her child. 


…as we all know, things don't always go according to plan. Her son, John, arrived and latched beautifully, giving Natalie hope. But when John had to spend a week in NICU, he lost interest in nursing, leaving Natalie devastated.

Being determined to provide the best natural nourishment for her baby, she embarked on a mission of research and exploration. She tried every trick in the book until she finally hit the jackpot and created a recipe for lactation bars that worked like a charm. John also started to latch again, there was a light at the end of the tunnel!

Natalie's bars soon became a hit with friends and family too. As the popularity of Mrs Milk's breastfeeding bars grew, Natalie could no longer keep up with the demand.

In 2018, she moved production to a factory. Mrs Milk had officially gone from being a solution to a personal need to a real business helping moms all over South Africa nurture their babies!

But the story doesn't end there…. 

In  2022, Natalie decided to sell the business as she had moved overseas. This is when Natasha, a regular Mrs Milk customer and breastfeeding advocate, took the reins. Natasha saw the opportunity to continue building what Natalie had started and to use Mrs Milk to live out her passion for supporting new mothers.

Today, under Natasha's guidance, Mrs Milk continues to produce their amazing bars, helping new moms overcome low milk supply and nourish their babies the natural way.

Mrs Milk, with Natasha at the helm, is on a mission to empower and support new moms in their breastfeeding journey. We want to shift the perception that breastfeeding is too hard or unrealistic and establish it as an ideal and most natural way to nourish your baby.

 So join us, and let's build a supportive community of like-minded mamas!