September 12, 2019 4 min read


As a new mom, you’ll find yourself feeding your baby or pumping multiple times during the day and at night. This means spending a lot of time sitting down in your nursery chair, bed, or couch with your baby or your pump attached to you! Make these special moments of the day as comfortable, easy, and efficient as possible no matter where you’re breastfeeding or pumping – keep everything you need within arm’s reach on your nursing station. Here is a few things that really made my life a little easier...

A "Comfy" nursery chair


You’ll be spending a lot of time sitting while breastfeeding or pumping. Choosing the right nursery chair is so important. I have spent countless hours in my Comfy Mummy chair. Since this is where your feeding station will be most of the time make sure you have a good comfy space that brings you joy! 

Tissues & hair elastics

I always would keep a box of tissues close by, just incase I needed it for myself. Hair elastics and a clip - you are never sure how you will want your hair to be done, 

Burp cloths

With the usual spit ups and your leaking breasts, burp cloths will always come in handy. I bought a pack of these cloths from Woolworths to just keep on hand for any little spills or spits that I needed to wipe up. 

Heat Packs

This is a must if you have mastitis or are struggling with blocked ducts. The warmth helps to alleviate the pain and can also assist with slow let downs. Should you not have any heat packs, a warmed face cloth can also help. The moist heat can help trigger your let-down and clear the blockage to relieve some pain.

A soft, breathable maternity and nursing pillow

Nursing pillows can take some of the strain off your arms, shoulders, and back while breastfeeding your little one. It can also assist you both in finding the most effective and comfortable nursing positions. 

Nursing pads

While breastfeeding on one breast, the other side might leak. Many mammas choose to use disposable or washable nursing pads to keep the milk from dripping freely and staining shirts.


Breast Pump

In the early days I would feed John on the one side and express the milk from my other breast using my Medela Harmony Pump, slowly pumping while John was feeding. I preferred this than letting the additional milk be absorbed into a nursing pad. 

Breastfeeding log

Especially in the earlier days, make sure you have a way of keeping track of your feeds or pumping sessions. You will want to keep track of your breastfeeding session and which breast you last pumped or breastfed from. It's also a good idea to keep track of how much time you spent feeding from each side. We love our With Love Baby Journal.  

Nipple care

Some mamas have to deal with sore nipples while breastfeeding, which can become very painful. Keep soothing nipple cream with you for the relief you deserve. Our Natralogic Nipple cream is ultrapure medical grade Lanolin that will help ease the discomfort of cracked and sore nipples associated with breastfeeding. It is the ideal treatment for Stages 1 and 2 of nipple damage and is also excellent for early protection of sensitive and dry nipples during pregnancy. It’s safe for both mama and baby, and glides on smoothly and gently without causing a mess! Of course, make sure to visit your doctor if this issue persists. 


A water bottle

This one goes without saying – you’ll want to hydrate a lot while breastfeeding. Some moms get very thirsty as soon as the baby latches on. You can get a bottle that’s easy to hold with one hand and has a straw to make it easier to drink. You might even consider having two bottles by your side!



Breastfeeding can burn 500 calories a day! This means you’ll have to replenish often. Keep your favorite non-perishable, healthy snacks on your nursing station. Your Mrs Milk Lactation Oat bars are a perfect fit for this!  



For dark rooms or middle of the night feedings, a soft nightlight or lamp will be crucial. You’ll want something with enough light for you to see what you’re doing without disturbing baby or others around you. Not all of us are ninja's who can do everything in complete darkness! 


Charger & Earphones

Keep chargers for all your devices nearby. If you can, consider investing in a little portable charger to keep your phone or tablet full of power. Make sure to keep a pair of earphones if you are watching anything on your phone to ensure your baby doesn’t wake up during a middle-of-the-night feeding session.


You’ll be spending a lot of time feeding your baby. Although it’s a magical time to spend with them, sometimes they drift off to sleep and you’re left wondering what else to do with yourself! Consider getting some nice-to-have items for your nursing station to help you enjoy your time even more – such as a book, magazine, tablet, or electronic reader. Don’t forget to keep your reading glasses close by if you use them!

Lastly, you might even want to consider investing in a basket to create a portable nursing station like I did that you can easily move from room to room in your house!