February 20, 2019 1 min read

This was the scariest part of having a baby for me - I had even asked if there was a third option to get the baby out! 

Even though millions of women give birth everyday it is still a massive procedure whether you opt for a vaginal birth or a cesarean birth. South Africa has one of the highest rates of birth via c-section worldwide and many women are pushed into this choice without knowing that there is in fact another option.

In our forth episode of #MrsMilkMommies Katrina speaks of how birth can change from vaginal to cesarean in a moment. In this case, what would your Doula be able to assist you with? Watch our video and have a look... 

Personally I was one of those mommies who opted for a natural birth but due to circumstances ended up with a cesarean. My Doula was by my side - The most important aspect for me was the time after the c-section where she was dedicated to help me ensure my little boy was latching correctly to help my breastfeeding journey.   


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