February 22, 2019 1 min read

I had asked mums to describe their breastfeeding journey in one word a few weeks ago on my social pages and the response was unbelievable! We got adjectives such as beautiful, serene, empowered & rewarding. I couldn't agree more - this is such a special bond that I only share with my child. It brings me such pride & joy that I have had the opportunity to experience one of the greatest joys of womanhood.

Let's see what Katrina has to say about the joy of breastfeeding in our next video in our #MrsMilkMommies video series 

 For me personally it was a very healing experience as my birth plan didn't roll out the way I had planned. When I first came home with John I felt a bit disappointed as he wasn't born the way I planned and the first few weeks with my personal breastfeeding journey were really tough - but let's leave that for tomorrows episode!